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Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Acting Secretary Meredith Ivey Visits Tervis in North Port

Florida Secretary Meredith Ivey

A series of pictures from the Tervis Tour on March 13, 2022

Florida DEO Secretary Meredith Ivey recently toured the Tervis Fulfillment Center in the Benderson Development North Port Business Park, providing valuable insights into the commercial activity in our City. Here are some tour highlights she will be able to take back to the state capitol:

  • The Tervis Fulfillment Center is a state-of-the-art facility that handles the distribution of Tervis drinkware products. Headquartered in Venice, Tervis employs a total of 700 people, many of which are within Sarasota County.
  • Benderson is a major commercial real estate developer that has a significant presence in North Port’s Innovation Corridor. The Benderson North Port Business Park is home to several businesses, housing logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and office operations. Benderson plans to double its available commercial lease space, totaling a million square feet in North Port.
  • The water and sewer infrastructure that the City is extending in North Port’s Innovation Corridor is a vital component of our area’s economic development. This critical wet infrastructure will nurture development by providing reliable access to water and wastewater services, activating 3,000 acres of land for development, much of which is commercially-zoned.

Overall, Secretary Ivey’s tour of the Tervis Fulfillment Center and Benderson North Port Business Park highlights the exciting commercial activity taking place in our City. With extended water and sewer infrastructure and support from our City’s government, development in this area is well-positioned for success.